There are Many Industries that Work with High Pressures Over 10,000 PSI

There are many industries that work with high pressures over 10,000 psi, including the oil and gas industry, food preparation, water jet applications, high-pressure compressors and pumps and test bench applications. Two common uses of high-pressure fittings, valves and tubing are water jet cutting and high-pressure pasteurization.

The food industry uses a process called High-Pressure Pasteurization (HPP) to clean and preserve food. High-Pressure Pasteurization utilizes ultra-high pressures (86,000 psi) to destroy pathogens without applying heat that can damage the taste, texture and nutritional value of the food. HPP results in the almost complete retention of nutritional and sensory characteristics of fresh food without sacrificing shelf-life. The advantages of HPP over traditional thermal processing include reduced process times; minimal heat damage problems; extended retention of freshness, flavor, texture, and color; and no vitamin C loss. Many food manufacturers are using this process to offer healthier products to their customers.

Water jets are widely used to cut materials. Often the water jet industry requires pressures of over 60,000 psi. Water jets make precisions cuts in materials that include metal, cloth or even concrete. Regardless of the industry, high-pressure applications require critical safety designs.

The designers and users of these systems must be trained to specify and use fittings, valves and tubing that can withstand these critical applications and ensure the safety of those using these machines.

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