Using GAST Air Motors to Drive Liquid Pumps

Liquid pumps are used in a wide variety of applications, from moving and pressurizing water, chemicals, hydraulic fluids and more. The markets are just as varied… like process, energy, food/beverage and hydraulic power. Liquid pumps range from centrifugal, piston and peristaltic to gear and more. They are typically driven by electric motors. Most motors associated with liquid pumps are single speed, 2 or 4 pole AC or in some cases DC. Both brush and brushless are used. Some brushless DC motors come with controls for varying speed and some AC motors can be paired with variable frequency drives, but this level of control can come at a significant premium.

GAST air motors offer distinct advantages to powering pumps with electric motors!

How do GAST Rotary Vane Air Motors Operate? Rotary vane air motors operate with compressed air and don’t needelectrical power. Expanding air behind the vanes produce rotation, providing horsepower and torque.

What are the benefits of using GAST Air Motors to drive your liquid pump? Power and speed varies with simple pneumatic controls to adjust air flow and pressure.

  • They can be easily reversed.
  • They provide soft starts and stops.
  • They can be stalled against a load indefinitely and will not burn out.

Air motors can operate in challenging environments. In many instances, liquid pumps need to operate in environments that are dirty, dusty, hot and even potentially hazardous.

  • Positive pressure in the air motor keeps dirt and pollutants out that can damage electric motors.
  • Air motors run cool as the potential energy of the compressed air is exhausted.
  • Because air motors are non-electrical devices, the likelihood of flammable gas ignition is greatly reduced.
  • Most GAST Air Motor models are compliant with EC directive 94/9EC – ATEX 100a for use in Zones 1 and 2.

GAST Air Motors provide flexible mounting options.

  • Standard NEMA 56C and 145TC flange mounting along with various foot and hub options offer extreme flexibility.
  • GAST Air Motors can be operated in any position and provide reliable performance.
  • GAST Air Motors run in areas and applications where electricity is not available or practical.
  • GAST Air Motors are compact and portable providing greater power compared to electric motors of similar size and dimensions.

  A rule of thumb with air motors is to have 60% of available air pressure provide continuous operation, so the remaining 40% is available for start.

With all these benefits…  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?!

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