Top 10 Companies that Focus on the Next Generation of Autonomous Mobile Robotics

Intelligent machines seem to be taking over the world, and with the rise of the autonomous robots, the game is changing considerably. This next generation of mobile robots is being used already in various fields like healthcare, automotive, aerospace, and the gas and oil field. The wide deployment of these robots is being used in areas like scouting, logistics operations, and even improvised explosive device handling.

The growth of these autonomous robots globally has brought along quite a bit of competition throughout the vendors in the world to help them gain that competitive advantage in the figurative arena. The vendors are working to develop various strategies that will cause them to perform better than their biggest competition. In this article, you will find ten of the top players in the market of mobile robots, with information defined by the analysts over at Technavio.

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems

This company, which was established in 1995, is a part of the private company, General Atomics. This company works behind the scenes to develop various solutions for areas like defense, environment, and energy. Their products are typically used by various parts of the military, which is then used for ammunition delivery and communications on the field. Their overall products will vary regarding weights, flight altitude, engine quality, and even endurance.

Mobile Industrial Robots

Based in Denmark, the company is one of the first movers and shakers in the autonomous industrial robotics field. They manufacture the collaborative industrial robots that have been discussed in many areas. This company is also a leading maker of the collaborative robots, used by other companies to transport tasks internally in various industries.

Aviation Industry Corporation of China

Also known as AVIC, this company was founded back in 2008, and it has been thriving. It is a major consolidation of the China Aviation Industry Corporation both level one and two. It has several business lines as well including civil aviation, transportation, energy and power, and even architectural engineering. Looking at their portfolio, anyone can see that they have four different types of unmanned vehicles, all used for defensive activities and military options.

SMP Robotics

Located in California, SMP Robotics is a company that provides security solutions through robotics as well as sweeping snow bots and snow loading bots. They are known for their autonomous robots that provide a range of products like security surveillance, security guards, and security patrol just to name a few of them.


Known for the healthcare mobile robot options, this US-based company has one major option for consumers called TUG robots. These bots are designed to deliver medicines, accessories, medical tools, linen, clothes, and remove waste from various places where they are needed. Aethon operates right in the United States, and it has just recently jumped overseas to Australia and Europe.


It is no surprise that this company is located in Switzerland. However, they were originally bought by KUKA back in 2014. Through this company, consumers can find various solutions for healthcare as well as warehouse industries and distribution. With a long line of products in their portfolio, this company has unique electric track vehicles, auto store, trans car, and robot couriers.

Clearpath Robotics

A Canadian company that manufactures these unmanned autonomous mobile robots, Clearpath Robotics is known for their water, ground, and air options. They produce robots for various industrial applications like palletizing, loading, unloading, and stock moving. The products from this company are offered to over 500 different companies throughout the globe.

Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz

An Indian company, this manufacturer is a leading maker and a supplier of the high-performance robotics like the industrial automation, palletizing systems, automated guided vehicles, and more. This company is focused on the core between level 0 and level 5 of the autonomy for various vehicles. This even includes things like Advance Driver Assistive Systems, also known as ADAS, and products for connected and smart cars. They also have a wide array of self-driving shuttles that help people move about on a private campus.

WM Robots

Based in the United States, this robotics company was founded back in 2005. They have a line of business options that includes manufacturing electrical supplies and equipment. This company is a partner of the military and other developers for defense applications. Some of their products include things like surveillance, transportation, and video recording.

Kongsberg Maritime

A Norwegian company, Kongsberg Maritime is a company that provides products for various areas like merchant marines, navy, subsea, aquaculture, coastal marine, and even training services for each, both on and off-shore. This company focuses specifically on the manufacturing of marine vehicles that are unmanned for use in the water by the areas mentioned above.


Each of the companies listed provides great options for autonomous mobile robotics. They are based throughout the world, giving consumers everywhere a chance to find the robotics that best fit their needs.

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