What are the Benefits of Parker’s H Series ISO Valve?

Do you use or specify pneumatic valve manifolds with multiple flow or pressure/vacuum requirements in the same manifold? Do your needs often change forcing you to change out manifolds for higher flow requirements? Does your connectivity protocol change with various applications, locations or projects? What would you say to one manifold series that could handle all of these situations and more? Let me introduce you to the Parker H Series ISO Universal manifold series.

The Parker ISO H Series Universal starts with valves that are built to the interchangeable ISO standard 15407-1, 15407-2, 5599-1 and 5599-2. This feature enables you to ship products all over the world with an ISO standard for support anywhere your manifolds go. The Parker H Series ISO Universal supports flows of .55 Cv (18mm HB size 02); 1.1 Cv (26mm HA size 01); 1.5 Cv (40mm H1 size 1) and 3.0 Cv (53mm H2 size 2). Now, here’s where the real question comes in. What if you have one manifold application that requires less than .55 Cv and up to 3.0 Cv? With a traditional valve manifold series, you would have to size all of the valves with the large 3.0 Cv size 2 valves. This creates a valve manifold that is larger, heavier and more expensive than you really need. That may be good news for the salesperson selling you pneumatic valve manifolds, but not good news for you and your budget or system requirements. With the Parker H Series ISO Universal valve series, you can “right-size” your valve manifold to meet each specific flow requirement utilizing the Parker exclusive universal bases that eliminate the need for expensive, large and heavy transition plates. By “right-sizing” your valve manifolds, you are not only saving upfront purchasing costs and reducing the size and weight of your pneumatic components, you are also greatly reducing the total cost of ownership over the life of the manifold due to reduced air consumption by utilizing the valve series sized correctly for each application.

Do you need to change the connection or communication protocol with different valve manifolds? With the H Series ISO Universal valve series, you can connect up to 32 solenoids per manifold with collective wiring and industrial Ethernet end plate options. You can also have the valves supplied in either 24 VDC or 120 VAC. This valve series has 8 different connection options and uses the following protocols: Ethernet IP, DeviceNet, Profinet, Profibus, Ethercat, Modbus and IO-Link.

Is that still not enough? The new H Series ISO Universal valves are packed with tons of additional features. The new valve design has approximately a 30% reduction in weight. You can also set up multiple pressure and vacuum zones in one valve manifold so you don’t have to use separate valve manifolds for different pressure or vacuum applications. If you have a long valve manifold and actuate multiple valves at one time you could wind up starving your valves for airflow. Parker offers high flow right-hand endplates where you can supply additional flow for those high flow applications. Parker also offers energy-efficient coil options for their 24 VDC size 1 and 2 valves to reduce the power consumption of your valve coils. Parker also offers pilot pressure zoning for safety applications. Removing pilot pressure from a valve is a quick way to bring valves and actuators back to a safe position. You can also add sandwich accessories such as flow controls and pressure regulators to control your actuators right at the manifold. This is a great option for actuators that are in hard to reach areas and makes adjustment a breeze. Parker has gone away from the pin and socket design for connecting the manifold bases. These small pins were easily bent and tough to troubleshoot after the valve manifold has been assembled. The new design uses a card edge design and is much simpler and a more robust design compared to those cumbersome pins. Finally, installing the completed manifold is made much easier with the addition of installation brackets that hold the manifold in place while you attach the permanent fasteners in both horizontal and vertical application mounting.

The next time you need to specify a valve manifold, please consider all of the great features and benefits offered by the new H Series ISO Universal valve manifold series.

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