When is Comes to Positive Displacement Pumps, Something Has to Give!

Blocked discharge lines and closed isolation valves are just a couple of ways pressure can build in a positive displacement pump. Unlike centrifugal pumps that will cavitate under these conditions, positive displacement pumps will continue to generate flow and pressure until something gives. Oftentimes it’s the pump, resulting in costly component repair or replacement.

(In this example, a closed isolation valve led to a broken gear pump shaft.)

There are many types of positive displacement pumps: gear pump, vane pump, diaphragm pump, piston pump, etc. Regardless of the style of positive displacement pump, a pressure relief valve is needed to 1) protect the equipment, 2) protect from spills and 3) protect the operator.

The RG Group Offers the Right Solutions for Your Applications

The RG Group can provide a wide variety of relief valves for this need. They can work with you to select a pressure relief valve that can fit your desired application.

Have questions? Contact the RG Group, your local Parker Valve, and Parker Pump distributor.

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Have questions? Contact the RG Group, your local Parker Valve and Parker Pump distributor.

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