When to Use Sawyer’s Camera VS An External Camera

Sawyer is equipped with an embedded vision system – a cognex camera in its wrist that enables the robot positioning system and other complex vision tasks.

Cameras play an important role in automation applications and can be easily integrated into your production process (such as a Sawyer Robot). Cameras are commonly used for inspection purposes, but can also be used for visual logic and reduce the necessary signals to control a system.

Sawyer is equipped with an onboard camera that can be used for landmarking the Robot, part inspection, “vision picks”, and visual cues to perform logic in the Robot software. The camera is a very powerful tool that comes standard with Sawyer and can save time in your inspection/ production process. Since the camera is already located in the Robot’s arm, it can be easily incorporated into your Sawyer program without the need for additional software or hardware.

Some applications will need an external camera, such as a Cognex, which can be used for detailed inspection processes, high-resolution QA documentation, and complex geometry detection. These systems give you a little more flexibility and can even consolidate multiple inspection stations into one. In some scenarios, the external camera can be mounted directly to Sawyer’s arm, which can provide you the versatility of a collaborative Robot with the capabilities of a high-powered camera system.

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Example Video:

Sawyer demonstrates the capabilities to pick, inspect, and reject/accept parts with an external vision system.

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