Why Upgrade to Dripless Couplers?

If your couplers spill when you disconnect them, you might need an upgrade to non-spill couplers!

In many fluid connector applications (high and low pressure) it’s necessary to have a quick coupler either not drip any fluid upon disconnection, or not include any air upon connection. If this sounds like your application, then you need to look into dripless couplers.

Here are some examples:

No matter what the fluid or pressure, there’s a whole host of couplers that utilize a poppet system of “valving”.  They are flush to each other and significantly reduce the amount of spillage when disconnected. These couplers are known by various terms such as dripless, non-spill or flush-face. That describes a specific type of connector meant to reduce spillage to near zero when disconnected and not trap air when connected. A number of industries including agricultural, printing, chemical and medical, count on non-spill connectors to meet their requirements to protect equipment, the environment, patients or workers.

In the printing world I have found many applications for ink management. Non-spill connectors are preferred to minimize drips, fumes and air bubbles, and to maximize quality control. Many medical-based applications require minimal air inclusion for accuracy or patient safety. Those same requirements are also important to chemical producers and packagers.

One emerging market for dripless couplings is in data centers that need water-based cooling for expensive electronic servers. This application can NOT afford leaks… water and electricity do not mix.  To explain this market more, I’ve included a white paper on the topic from Colder Products Company located in St. Paul, Minnesota. CPC White Paper on Liquid Cooling of Electronics

So, no matter what industry you are in or why you have the need for dripless connections, I’m sure you will find a coupler that meets your needs. If you need help in finding the right coupler, give me a call or respond to my blog and I’ll point you in the right direction… no one wants a drippy coupler!

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