Stainless Steel Fittings VS. Welding

Advantages of Parker CPI™ Single Ferrule Instrumentation Tube Fittings VS Welding


  • In order to guarantee a quality welded tube system, welders require extensive training, experience and certification. Additional certifications may be required to work in specific environments and other countries. CPI™ fitting installation techniques can be taught in a single, short class.
  • Welds must be pressure tested and X-rayed to ensure they are properly done. CPI™ joins can be quickly checked with an installation gauge to ensure proper makeup.


  • Welding is a permanent attachment method. Once a weld is made the part must be damaged or destroyed to disassemble it. In order to service a component in a welded system, the tube must be cut or unions must be added. CPI™ systems allow components to be serviced by breaking the lines at the existing fittings.
  • CPI™ has a Molybdenum Disulfide-coated nut with fine pitch threads. That ensures no galling during fitting makeup.


  • Save the time that it takes to properly train, certify and maintain required yearly paperwork of welders.
  • Save inventory by stocking fittings instead of gases, welding machines and equipment.
  • Save on installation time with CPI™ fittings compared to welding.

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