Wind turbine parts from Parker and RG Group improve uptime

How Does a Good Wind Turbine Parts Partner Improve Uptime?

A wind turbine is only as good as its parts and maintenance. Without high-quality parts and regularly scheduled maintenance, you might face downtime that ranges from irritating to catastrophic. While working for major hydraulics supplier RG Group, I’ve seen firsthand the benefits of using quality parts sourced from a reputable supplier and the downfalls of trying to cut corners. (Hint: it’s never worth it!) Let’s discuss the difference the right partner can make in the uptime of your wind turbines.

Do you own or service a Wind Turbine hydraulics system?

Finding the right replacement parts is only half the challenge facing many industries today. Accessing them quickly is another. While improving, supply chain issues still seem to be a dilemma, plaguing businesses with lengthy downtime and repair and costs. If you’re operating a Wind Turbine facility, chances are at some point in time you’ll want to replace or retrofit some of your hydraulic systems with new, high quality parts. The right parts can make a world of difference when if comes to operating effectively and to the cost of ownership. So can working with the right product distributor make a difference. I work within a major hydraulic solution and distribution organization that services both OEM and maintenance providers that provide service, replacement components and upgrades for wind turbine hydraulic systems.

You might not have heard of RG Group, but I’ll bet you know of Parker Hannifin, the global conglomerate with thousands of products to meet the demands of hydraulic applications, including those in the Wind Turbine market.

Do you need replacement or upgraded wind turbine parts?

As a Parker distributor, it is likely that RG Group can help you replace worn-out parts or offer you better performance from your filters, valves, or accumulators. As in many other markets that we supply to, there is a significant difference in the life, quality, and reliability of our components. You can rest assured that RG Group and Parker have the expertise and quality products to make replacements worthwhile. For example:

Wind Turbine Filters: Using the right filter could save in the long term because the newer generation of filters are more efficient and have more dirt holding capacity. In addition, a more efficient filter could save on energy cost as the pressure drop would be lower if sized properly.

Wind Turbine Valves: 
We have the new generation of servo valve designed to be more rugged for the demanding blade pitch control. The new valves have higher response and are direct replacements for the North American Turbines.

Wind Turbine Accumulators: 
If you want longer life out of your accumulators you should consider changing out the bladder accumulators for a piston accumulator design. You will not only have less maintenance, but when maintenance is required the seal kits are less expensive and easier to change out. 

Why Choose Parker and RG Group?

More than 100,000 operational wind turbines have Parker products, demonstrating their expertise in this still-emerging energy resource. It is not unusual for plant owners and operators to inquire about the operating record of any new component proposed as a replacement. Potential suppliers expect those questions. A potential user should begin by investigating the track record of the supplier. Parker Hannifin has certainly been recognized as a global provider of motion and control technologies, particularly hydraulic controls, for over a century. Control of hydraulics has been at its core for almost as long.

RG Group has been around since 1957, distributing and incorporating Paker parts and technologies in their solutions since its inception. Our team of product specialists, engineers and fulfillment staff ensure that the Trusted Expertise the company is known for is delivered upon every day.

What if you are under no obligation to your OEM for warranty replacement parts?

If you are no longer under obligation to the OEM for warranty replacement parts, look to RG Group and Parker Hannifin to see how we can help you improve efficiency, safety, or uptime with our Wind Turbine solutions and products.

Find Wind Turbine Parts from Parker at RG Group

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