5 Reasons to Choose Gast Manufacturing for Your Vacuum Lifting Needs

Industry insiders expect the vacuum lifter and handling market to grow by 8 percent annually over the next four years. Driving this trend is a steady demand for window glazing and solar panels, as well as a rise in global constructions.

Are you a company looking to add vacuum lifting technology to your production line? You’re certain to enjoy this increased investment in innovation.

RG Group guarantees that the Gast range of products it stocks will meet all your vacuum lifting requirements. From vacuum pumps and air motors to tank systems and compressors.

Read on to learn why Gast is the right choice for those researching how to choose vacuum lifting equipment.

1. Want Long-Lasting Vacuum Lifting Gear? Go Gast

Vacuum lifting is a versatile way for manufacturing or distribution businesses to lift objects. Contemporary vacuum lifting technologies offer a solution for a wide range of companies in the industrial sector to move items from A to B.

What is vacuum lifting?

Vacuum lifting (also called vacuum handling) works through the elimination of atmospheric pressure. A trained human operator or a robotic arm lowers a crane fitted with a pump and suction cups over the object they want to lift. The pump sucks in the air between the suction cups and the lifted item.

The machine holds this air in a chamber in the crane. The steady pressure created between the suction cup and the object enables the crane operator to lift the item. There’s no need for hooks, ties, or any other securing devices.

Examples of Vacuum Lifting in Practice

There’s a winning strategy for creating cost-effective vacuum lifting equipment. You need to build a crane with the right cups, pump, and other mechanisms like rotate-tilt or G-Force. These all need to be light- or heavy-duty enough to suit the materials or items you need to lift.

Some of the best vacuum lifting application examples include:

  • Pick and place in food, electronics, and parts manufacturing
  • Clamping in woodworking or metal machinery
  • Stacking goods on pallets post-manufacturing
  • Picking and packing in the mailing and distribution industries
  • Loading and unloading of ships, trains, and trucks
  • Paper transport in the printing industry

What Does Gast Offer for Vacuum Lifting?

RG Group stocks a wide range of Gast air compressors and vacuum pumps. Rotary vane and rocking piston vacuum pumps–the ever-popular workhorses of the machinery sector. Vacuum components for automation like diaphragms and vacuum generators.

Gast is ISO 9001 certified and committed to creating only the very best in vacuum pumps, motors, and more. They have been refining their QC processes since 1983, putting them among an elite group of US manufacturers in their sector. All Gast products come with a 12-month product warranty and are quality assured.

2. Focus on Innovation and Quality Over Quantity

The COVID-19 outbreak has revealed deficiencies in the American manufacturing sector.

Broken supply chains, unsustainable outsourcing. Loss of valuable skilled workforce to the overseas market. The list goes on.

Companies across the USA are realizing something. They need to invest in local production and innovation if they want to stay afloat.

Since the dawn of the 20th century, Gast has been at the top of the compressor system engineering field. They haven’t slowed down in the 21st century either. Gast improves existing products and releases new ones in response to technological advances.

Their state-of-the-art pneumatic lab has two anechoic chambers. It also has accurate vibration and sound measurement instruments. Gast conducts rigorous in-factory testing with their more than willing customers.

The Gast design team champions innovation in product development. They also understand what the American industrial sector needs to get their products to market. Or from port to warehouse to door.

And if they don’t have a product that fits your needs, they will find a way to create it according to your unique requirements. Silent, energy-saving, automatable, powerful lift, less equipment, low danger. These are just some of the benefits of using a vacuum lifting system.

Advanced testing systems. The collection of real-time data from customers using their products. Gast gathers valuable information to refine their vacuum pumps and other lifting accessories.

The benefit to companies? Faster production lines, smoother pick and drop processes, safer factories, and higher profits.

3. Design and Manufactured on American Soil

Gast has been manufacturing and designing machinery Stateside since as far back as 1921. It’s an American company with an entrepreneurial “Made in America” backstory to boot.

The company was so important to the history of manufacturing in the USA that Gast marketing paraphernalia is even collected by Smithsonian Libraries. They house a prized stockpile of vintage 20th-century brochures advertising Gast-manufactured equipment.

The company was once helmed by generations of the Gast family but in 1998, IDEX acquired Gast. Warren Gast, who was the President at the time, stayed with the company for two years after the IDEX takeover. He ensured that all the family values and dedication to the craftsmanship the company had worked hard to build over the decades would continue to be upheld.

Gast is now part of a group of seven-thousand employees and over forty companies and benefits from all that collective R&D and manufacturing knowledge. Gast passes this insight onto loyal customers in the form of products that work well for American businesses. Today, most manufacturing of Gasts products and all of the design development work still takes place in Michigan, where Gast has had its headquarters for a century.

Over half a million loyal customers across the world and leading multinationals like ExxonMobil can’t be wrong. When you buy Gast products you’re supporting a proudly Made in America brand.

4. Safety First: Gast Products Reduce Injury

Vacuum lifting has many safety benefits over traditional lifting equipment, including manual lifting.

Workers don’t need to attach hooks. Designers can make the movements of the machines more ergonomic. And manless robotics operation of vacuum lifting equipment is on the rise.

As reported by OSHA, vacuum lifting even protected workers from exposure to life-threatening silica dust.

Noise and vibration exposure are two of the most serious issues affecting workers in today’s manufacturing and distribution industries.

Across the world, occupational noise-induced hearing loss (ONIHL) causes as much as 16 percent of the cases of severe hearing loss in adults. A reported 1.3 billion people have some level of hearing loss due to exposure to unsafe levels in their workplaces. It’s for this very reason that Gast has worked hard to create vacuum pumps and compressors with limited noise outputs.

Their Sound Shield technology reduces Sones by an astonishing 40 percent and db[A] by 25 percent. It’s simple to install and does not affect pump performance. Ditch the mufflers, cabinets, and foam insulation while keeping your workers protected.

The vibration of machinery is an overlooked issue in the manufacturing and industrial sector. Continual exposure to vibration can damage small capillaries in the hands and arms and make it difficult for workers to control tools and machinery. They can lose feeling in their extremities and develop chronic conditions like Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS).

Gast addresses this health hazard by ensuring all of its vacuum pumps and other vacuum lifting equipment are low vibration. Their rotary vane vacuum pumps feature pulse-free air delivery and their vacuum generators have no moving parts. Some of Gast’s vacuum pumps are mountable in any position on a lifting machine, allowing engineers to build user ergonomics into the system.

5. Quality Customer Support: Before and After Purchase

RG Group knows they’re not the only vacuum pump and vacuum lifting accessories provider in the USA. That’s why dedication to the customer is their number one priority.

Gast offers customer service through its carefully approved network of distributors. In the USA, that’s RG Group. From taking online orders and quotes to conducting on-site authorized repair work, RG Group has you covered when it comes to making the most of your Gast product purchase.

Through its close relationship with Gast, the company prides itself on providing clients with everything they need to make an informed decision. Lengthy product details and variations are available on their website alongside download sheets with everything from technical specifications to installation and maintenance advice. RG Group lists its products under brand or type for easy browsing.

Are you having trouble with your vacuum lifting equipment? Call the capable support team at RC Group and they’ll offer expert advice backed by over sixty years in the industry.

If you need on-site service, their incomparable field service team has the problem sorted out in no time. From completing scheduled maintenance to installing your new machinery and troubleshooting a system. RC Group certifies all its service people under its National Fluid Power Society program.

They’ll even work out machinery that’s out of production or not part of their stable!

Look to RG Group for your Vacuum Lifting Solutions

Because Gast products are resistant to corrosion and come in oilless or lubricated versions, they are less prone to damage over the long-term. More durable products result in less injury due to machinery wear-and-tear. Gast works hard to create the best vacuum lifting equipment products that save you money and time and ensure you look after your employees.

Are you looking to add Gast products to your production line or distribution system? Drop a line to GR Group today. Their experienced customer service representatives are ready to help you with your vacuum lifting application and machinery build-out questions.

You can count on RG Group for excellent quality and service

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