Hydraulic Hose Connector Installation on a Custom Built Trailer

Here is a trailer one of our customer makes for an electrical utility company. It’s used to handle three large spools of wire.

Our customer has already mounted all the major hydraulic components on the trail. Now per our customer request, we will hose all the components together. The first thing we do is get a copy of the hydraulic schematic. Once we have that we can go around the trailer and identify all the different components. We also take notes on what port size each component has. Now we can start to look at how we want to get from one component to the other. Once that has all been completed we put together a list of all the connector we will need to connect all the components together. Once the connectors arrive it’s time to start installing the connectors. We also document all the hose’s that are made. This is so we can make replacements hoses should they be required. When all the connections are complete we will run a fully functional test on the hydraulic system and its components.

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