The Perfect Vacuum Pump Solution for your Industrial Vacuum System

There are COMMON PROBLEMS faced in a range of industrial applications such as plastics, glass, bottling, canning, woodworking, packaging, printing, papermaking and many more.



Changing flow requirements

  • Your system is tuned just right for 3 operators, but if another comes online or goes offline, the vacuum level either decreases or increases.
  • Constant on/off operation of a vacuum pump piloted by a vacuum switch leads to high maintenance and reliability problems.

High power consumption

  • Inefficient units with long run times, operating at maximum vacuum use huge amounts of electrical power, driving up utility costs.

Maintenance costs and downtime are on the increase

  • Costs for in-house mechanics or outside maintenance providers are killing your budget. Costly repair kits add to the pain.
  • Unreliable pumps interrupt production increasing downtime.

Noisy operation

  • High operating sound creates location difficulties.
  • Leads to compliance and operator safety issues.

Logistical constraints

  • Existing pumps have a large footprint.
  • Difficult connections and service access.

THE SOLUTION: Atlas Copco’s GHS Series of variable speed drive Vacuum Pumps!

Changing flow requirements are no longer a problem with set it and forget it vacuum control!

  • Variable Speed Drive and automated set-point control allow you to MAINTAIN your process vacuum level, even as flow requirements change.

Dramatic reduction of power consumption!

  • You ONLY use the power that’s required to create the vacuum level you need.

Maintenance and downtime are virtually eliminated.

  • Oil-sealed, rotary screw vacuum pumps used in Atlas Copco’s GHS VSD+ units have superior performance and a significantly longer life cycle compared to oil-sealed and dry vane pumps.
  • Life cycle costs are greatly reduced leading to payback time typically under 2 years.
  • Onboard monitoring system is state of the art and tells you when service may be required.
  • Remote monitoring ability is available.

Quiet operation

  • With NO vanes and advanced rotary screw operation, sound is well below that of other technologies.


Logistical problems are a thing of the past

  • The compact size, quiet operation and simple plug and play configuration of Atlas Copco’s GHS VSD+ units allow much greater flexibility in location.


What are you waiting for?

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