Which CPC Connectors Are Right For You?

You can ensure the integrity of your fluid handling operation with premium connectors.

Fluid handling is an important part of many industries. You may measure, track, or control fluid or gas. If so, effective fluid handling connectors are critical in these fields.

There are a few things that it helps to think about when choosing fluid handling equipment. With million-dollar outcomes in play, it’s easy to forget about connectors. Without reliable connectors, however, your work could prove fruitless – or worse – lethal.

Professionals across a range of industries choose CPC connectors in their work. These areas include:

• Biopharmaceutical
• Chemical handling
• Food processing
• Industrial
• Liquid cooling
• Medical
• Printing

Learn more about which CPC connectors are right for you by reading on.

What Does CPC Stand For?

CPC stands for the Colder Products Company. The firm is a leader in quick disconnect connectors, couplings, and fittings.

The company makes fittings that work well for low-pressure fluid handling applications.

CPC products enable companies across many fields to connect and disconnect flexible tubing. The equipment makes this process quick and safe.

The company’s connectors feature built-in shutoff valves that prevent fluid spills. CPC’s connectors also come with convenient features. For example, they have a pushbutton thumb latch for quick connecting and disconnecting.

CPC is a subsidiary of the Dover Corporation. The corporation has produced industrial products since 1955.

Recently, CPC introduced its latest 1-inch MPU Series connector. The company designed the unit for large flow fluid transfer in drug engineering.

Drug firms currently face a demand for increased capacity. CPC designed the connector to meet this need.

Because of the increased demand, drug companies need connectors with enhanced capabilities. These capabilities include a higher flow rate. CPC connectors also integrate seamlessly with your existing apparatus.

CDC representatives hope that the 1-inch MPU series connector will prove beneficial. They want it to help pharmaceutical companies increase production capacity.

The company plans to continue offering connector products. These products will help various industries meet increasing demands.

Choosing Effective CPC Connector Solutions

An experienced equipment supplier can help you choose the right CPC solution for your needs. When searching for connection solutions, you should consider accessibility, convenience, and reliability.

You may need to perform sensitive fluid handling. If so, a connector should allow for intuitive operation and reduce the chances of user error. CPC engineers build these features into their designs.

For example, CPC AspetiQuik connectors feature and easy to use three-step design. In a gesture, users flip, click and pull to disengage a fluid line.

With another model, users twist, pull and twist again to perform the same action. The action of coupling and decoupling CPC connectors is easy and intuitive.

CPC engineers design connector products that are easy to use. They achieve this goal by considering the end-users at the start of the design process.

For example, they consider several factors. These factors may include simplifying mechanics that can connect to single-use systems. They also think about how end-users will interact with the connector apparatus.

Furthermore, CPC engineers think about user safety. Their design features intuitive connectors that reduce operator risk. The engineers request user insights and feedback to address these concerns.

Quick Disconnect Coupling Demand on the Rise

There’s a considerable demand to fill and empty bioprocessing containers fast. This process increases the efficiency of bulk liquid transfer.

Drug company execs face reaching production capacity in a few short years. CPC’s 1-inch MPU connector can help. It will enable firms to increase flow rates compared to today’s standard 3/4-inch connectors.

So far, 3/4-inch connectors have provided optimal performance for drug companies. Firms have enjoyed the high performance of this unit for more than two decades. CPC’s newest offering will help companies continue to enjoy this performance.

The 1-inch MPU connector enables operators to maintain a smooth internal flow. It minimizes transitional flow disruptions and fluid turbulence during fluid handling. The connector also reduces the shear rate during the processing stage.

CPC’s 1-inch MPU connector features a new door latching mechanism. The mechanism is a straightforward twist to connect design.

The connector locks and prevents accidental disconnects. This feature prevents potential operator errors and fluid contamination.

Searching for a Connector Supplier

When sourcing equipment, you must find the right supplier. It’s essential to locate a beneficial and trustworthy source.

Your supplier should provide you with a vast selection of equipment choices. A wide variety of equipment ensures they can meet your evolving apparatus needs.

You should also look for custom design and manufacturing capabilities for equipment like connectors. A top-notch supplier can help you create vital equipment from concept to production.

You can meet your goals by partnering with the right equipment supplier. The relationship will allow you to take advantage of the firm’s skill and experience.

You should also look for an equipment supplier that can provide field service. They should also offer emergency repair and installation.

A Supply Partner You Can Count On

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