How Stainless Steel Helps Prevent Air Prep Corrosion Failures

Are you buying standard, plastic or aluminum air preparation products for your corrosive applications? Are you getting frequent failures due to chemical compatibility issues? Do you need air preparation products that are rated for wash down applications? Do you have high pressure pneumatic applications up to 300 psi?  Parker’s line of stainless steel air preparation products has got you covered.

Parkers line of stainless steel air preparation products are manufactured to meet NACE specification MR-01-75/ISO 15156 to help with those corrosive or chemical compatibility issues. Featuring 316 stainless steel, the units are suitable for wash down or food processing applications. These units also feature fluorocarbon seals as a standard and are rated for 300 psi of pneumatic service.

Parker’s stainless steel air preparation filters are available in ¼” or ½” ports with 5-40 micron elements and feature a two stage filtration to remove course and fine contaminants with flows up to 70 SCFM. You can also choose between manual or automatic drains. Parker also offers coalescing filters for removing fine oil aerosols down to .01 micron.

Parker’s stainless steel regulators are available in ¼” or ½” ports with flows up to 80 SCFM. These regulators feature a large diaphragm to valve area ratio for precise regulation and high flow capacity. You can choose between the standard handle, or a complete stainless steel option with the T handle version. Parker also offers a low temperature option for these regulators.

Are you looking for a more compact option? You can also get a filter/regulator combination. The filter regulator combinations are manufactured with the same great features as the other stainless steel air preparation products with 316 stainless steel; stainless steel T handle option; 5-40 micron filtration and flows up to 72 SCFM.

For those applications that require lubrication, Parker offers a ½” lubricator with flows up to 100 SCFM. The lubricator will provide a consistent supply of oil and can be filled while under pressure. The stainless steel bowl comes with a 1/8” npt drain port.

Parker’s line of stainless steel air preparation products come with many standard features to meet your corrosion and wash down applications and many other options for meet your specific requirements. Please consider Parker’s line of stainless steel air preparation for your next corrosion or wash down application for pneumatic air preparation components.

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